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Australian Real Estate in 2012

As a beautiful country in a pleasant climate, it should come as no surprise that countless investors are considering to purchase Australian real estate in 2012. Whether for a business investment, as a vacation home or as a future retirement location, there are many homes and commercial spaces available for sale and rent in Australia. Although the country is quite large, there are a few major areas where the real estate market is active and booming. Here are some of the best places to consider Australian real estate in 2012:

Canberra: As the capital city of Australia, Canberra is popular both as a business investment in the booming urban area, and also as a personal choice thanks to the wide range of outdoor recreational activities in the area. Rental properties manage to do quite well in Canberra, as most residents of Canberra are actually originally from other areas. Each year an influx of young professionals moves into the city, eager for an affordable rental properties. Expect to do well with apartments and smaller houses, as well as tenants who reside for a year or two before moving on to a new destination.

Brisbane: This attractive city is the third largest in Australia and receives a large number of international travelers each year. Brisbane is one of the cities in Australia experiencing the largest migration of workers, many of whom are looking for housing. More and more employment opportunities are arising due to the expansion of the city, meaning that accommodation needs are also growing. The emphasis here is on smaller apartments in a budget price range rather than high end luxury accommodations.

Adelaide: This sophisticated and cosmopolitan city is a popular choice for investors who want to purchase or build homes to use as vacation homes or high end rentals. With an international airport, close proximity to vineyards and luxury shopping and dining, many of the tourists and locals have disposable income and can afford more luxurious homes. Look for investments in the Barossa Valley area where many of the wineries are located to appeal to the visitors traveling from abroad.

Although Australian real estate in 2012 is bound to pick up along with the rest of the world market, caution should always be exercised, as with any large investment.