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Selling your Home Privately

You can do it! You can sell your home privately and save a bundle on real estate sales commissions. It will still cost you some time and money, but it will cost a lot less than paying out a commission. Common sense dictates that you clean and do basic repairs. Get rid of accumulated junk and remove personal items such as family photos. The buyers will want to visualize their stuff in your home.

You will need to hire an attorney that is familiar with real estate transactions. This will cost some money, but you must have an attorney. Your lawyer will protect your financial interests. The lawyer will review your written offer documents and assist you at closing.

Selling your home privately means that you must determine a proper price. You can find out prices of homes in your area by doing an online search. You can also contact a local real estate agent to get the most current market value of your home. Most real estate agents are happy to give you this information because they anticipate potential commissions.

Real estate agents handle the advertising of your home. When selling your home privately, you will handle your own advertising. First of all make sure that the exterior of your home is inviting. Then display your sign in front of the house. Pay for ads in newspapers. It might be worth it to pay for an ad in the special homes section of the paper. Most papers have a weekend homes section. Check out internet sites that feature homes for sale. You might pay a small fee for this service but you will also reach more potential buyers. If you are technically inclined you might want to create a web site for your home. The virtual tour is a great tool.

You might want to have an open house. This can help minimize week day traffic through your home. Make sure you have some of your lawyer approved written offers on hand. Have a separate hand out that lists all the features of your home. Be prepared to answer questions about schools and community resources. Good luck!